Congratulations on being accepted to Corvallis I-House!  Here are the next steps:

1)  Pay the $450 room deposit.  This holds and guarantees your space for the period of time you have asked for in your application, and also is used as security deposit.  It will be refunded when you leave iHouse. Notify us by e-mail when you have made the payment.  A bank transfer can take a week or more to reach our bank account.

2)  Most people take the HUT shuttle bus  from the Portland airport to the OSU bookstore bus stop.  We can arrange to meet you at the OSU bookstore.  I highly advise you to make reservations to make sure you have a seat.  They have wi-fi on the bus.  Contact us to make arrangements to meet you.  We can meet you at any time even o’dark 30 am

3)  We provide a bed, single size mattress, closet and a desk.  The hostel rooms do not have desks.  You will need standard single (twin) size sheets, blanket, pillow and towel. These items can be purchased at a nearby store such as Fred Meyer.