Summer Rates:

Summer Term 2023 Rates (06/12/23 – 09/17/23): 1 month minimum
Room Type Monthly Rate
Hostel $ 325
4 Person $ 375
2 Person $ 425
1 Person $ 550

The prices above include utilities, Internet, and it is monthly rates.

Short term stays are based on daily rates: $45/day for Hostel, $40/day for a 4-Person room, $40/day for a 2-person room, and $60/day for a single room.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters Rates

(Fall: 09/18/23 – 12/10/23, Winter: 01/08/24 – 03/25/24, Spring: 04/02/24 – 06/17/24)

1-Payment Amount per Lease per Room Type (Includes all Utilities and Internet)
Minimum Lease Number of  Room Type vs Payment:
Length Payments Hostel 4 Person 2 Person Single
3 quarters 9 $375 $425 $525 $750
2 quarters 6 $425 $475 $575 $800
1 quarter 3 $475 $525 $625 $850
Monthly 1 $675 $775 $925 $1150

Note 1 (very important): There are 3 single payments of each listed dollar amount for each college quarter duration as listed above. Each single payment is due on the first of each month starting October 1st for the Fall Quarter.

Note 2: Short-term leases less than a month are $40/day for 4-Person or Hostel room, and $50/day for a 2-person room (if available).

Bonus: Free stay during the breaks between two subsequent quarters if leased at least for both quarters.

Pick the longest lease for the best price.  For example, if you want to rent for the school year, (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters), then pick a 3 quarter lease.  For 2 Person room, that is 9 payments of $525, each payable at the beginning of a month.


Full Quarter Payment in advance: Take $50 off per quarter paid in full at the beginning of the quarter; i.e., $150 off for paying all 3 quarters.

Security Deposit

A $450 security / damage/ cleaning deposit will reserve and guarantee your room for the period of time you asked for in your application form and it will be returned to you upon check out. Out of that $450 there will be a $50 nonrefundable fee for cleaning kitchen, bathrooms and public areas.  From the remaining $400 we will deduct incidental damage to iHouse, if any

Note 1: The prices listed above are effective until June 17th, 2024.

Note 2: The above rates include all utilities, internet, and parking.